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‘Holidate’ is an Enjoyable Film to Kick off Holiday Season

Halloween is over and now I’m mentally ready for Christmas!

“Holidate” is a Netflix Original romantic-comedy that was released Oct. 28.

It follows the main characters Sloane (Emma Roberts) and Jackson (Luke Bracey) as they meet as strangers, and agree to acts as each others partner only on holidays.

Sloane and Jackson soon begin to catch feelings for each other, but they do not want to admit it because they are afraid of relationships.

During the rollercoaster of emotions they are feeling for each other, Sloane’s mom Elaine (Frances Fisher) tries to hook her up with her neighbor. While her sister Abby (Jessica Capshaw) tries to persuade her to get with Jackson. Sloane’s Aunt Susan (Kristin Chenoweth) is a funny addition to the story since she is the one that introduces Sloane to the idea of a “holidate,” and on every holiday, she is with a new man.

While that is happening on Sloane’s side, Jackson’s friend Neil (Andrew Bachelor) is trying to convince him to not catch feelings and continue to talk to other girls.

Although the plot is very predictable, I really enjoyed the movie. The characters, story and comedy in the movie really got me engaged and did not bore me. I recommend this movie and hope you enjoy it, too.

Happy Holidays!


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