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Benefits of Recorded Lectures for Palomar Students

The switch to online education is proving to be a difficult adjustment for students everywhere. However, there is one thing professors can do to help their students: record their lectures.

Aliyah Espinoza is a first-year student at Palomar College. As a full-time student, she has to rely on recorded lectures, which many classes are already implementing.

The process to access recorded lectures is simple. Go to Canvas, click on ConferZoom, and then click “Recorded Events” to see them. Espinoza said that the they give her a better understanding of the material.

“There will always be somebody who needs the recording,” Espinoza said. “If you are that person, it’s hard to ask because you feel like you’re the only one. Since no one else is asking, it’s intimidating to ask the professor so blatantly.”

James Wenzell, an English Professor at Palomar College, is new to recording his Zoom lectures. However, he still records all of them for his six different classes spanning three different schools.

His process for posting lectures is as simple as recording and having ConferZoom automatically upload them. He has been told by students that his recorded lectures are helpful, whether they are for studying for tests or taking notes.

“I’ve never done that until this semester,” Wenzell said. “Never really thought about it. But why not have them available? It takes no effort for me to record them other than clicking the button.”

Professors who record their lectures for students could help them immensely this semester. This would benefit the many students whose lives have been drastically altered. That could be the increase in work hours at a student’s job, including the sudden duties appearing at home due to the pandemic.

By having lectures available online, students would not have to compromise their income for their education.

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