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Nintendo is Bringing Back its Classics

Nintendo just gave fans the perfect gift to celebrate 35 years of Super Mario Brothers. Super Mario 3D All-Stars includes Mario’s best 3D adventures for the Nintendo Switch. This single game contains three classic Mario titles, including the 1996 classic Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.

Each story follows Mario and his never ending quest to save Princess Peach from her captors. All three titles follow the similar story format of Mario being invited by Princess Peach to either her castle or on vacation. Just as the festivities are about to start, Princess Peach is kidnapped by Mario’s arch nemesis, Bowser. Now Mario begins his journey to rescue the princess from Bowser’s clutches.

Despite being ported to the Nintendo Switch, the games still perform just as well as they did years ago. The graphics are polished but still able to retain the classic looks from their original systems.

Adjustments were made to accompany the new controllers on the switch. Mario’s simple gameplay is still as enjoyable as it was in these classic titles, accompanied with the same orchestra that made these levels memorable.

Unfortunately, this trilogy is missing some key parts for an anniversary title, such as the early concept art that shows all the artwork created. Interviews with the creator, Shigeru Miyamoto on how he created Mario.

This title could have shown Mario’s early jump into 2D videos games. Then show Mario making a transition from 2D to 3D and the challenges that came. Even showing the various improvements with each 3D Mario installment that released.

Despite lacking some anniversary elements, the trilogy is still able to stand on its own. It was able to revive these original classics from their respected systems where new and veteran gamers can experience these Mario classics in its originality. Whether players are revisiting these games or visiting for the very first time, they will still be able to enjoy Mario’s adventures.

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