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Why You Should Watch Classic Movies

Instead of jumping onto a streaming service with hundreds of new movies, try watching a black and white or silent film.

As a classic movie fanatic, people frown upon my statement for many films, specifically those from the Golden Age of Hollywood from the 1930s through the 1950s that had racist references and stereotypes. However, these films were the stepping stones of movie magic.

Today, movie magic is often altered by computers. Back then, everything that was placed in front of the camera was genuine and final. Singers didn’t have Auto-Tune, glamour wasn’t plastic surgery and stunts weren’t touched by technology.

Many stories from new movies come from or are inspired by these classic movies, as they are integrated into our American culture.

They can be educational when it comes to discomforting depictions of the stereotypes. You have to acknowledge historically that it was a different time for society since these depictions were acceptable.

We respect classic movies as a form of art and education, for we can see how much we have grown as humans.

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