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Solar Panel Project Completed on Parking Garage

Palomar College completed a solar panel project this summer and has been reaping the benefits of solar energy.

The project’s goal was to add 442 kW to the school’s energy capacity by adding solar panels atop the San Marcos campus’ parking structure. Construction of this particular solar structure began back in 2019.

Looking into the future, Palomar’s newest solar structure is said to last a minimum of 25 years to help shape its plans for a future with only solar energy.

Solar installations exist on the campus atop other buildings, such as the library, humanities and science building, and multidisciplinary.

All four major Palomar sites have added solar energy to their campuses. These additions aim to keep the energy used by the school equal to the energy produced by the panels.

There are also plans to add other energy-saving resources to the campus, such as vehicle charging stations.

In addition to these energy saving tactics, COVID-19 has allowed the school to conserve even more energy since it has not been using its facilities.

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