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Students to receive refunds for dropped courses

Palomar College will officially grant refunds for any course dropped in the spring semester.

In a update letter, acting President of Palomar College, Dr. Kahn, announced that students will be refunded for any dropped course starting on April 22.

Kahn states “We realize that the remote delivery of coursework may not be ideal for you at this time. We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a myriad of unexpected changes and your priorities maybe shifting as necessary.”

Dropped courses will be refunded with no additional actions.

Those who drop a course will be automatically refunded the following fees per unit: enrollment, non-resident tuition, and non-resident capital outlay fee.

Also, the unused portion of material fees will be refunded and evaluated on a course by course basis.

Regarding payment methods. If a student paid with cash, check, ACH, or a payment plan. A check will be issued to the students mailing address on file.

If fees were paid with credit card, the refund will credited to that card.

The letter specifies “Please know, due to transaction processing timelines, it may take up to two weeks for the credit to be applied to your credit card account or for a check to be received. If you are a recipient of financial aid, the credit may not be processed to your account.”

In addition, all students will receive a 50% refund on parking permits if purchased. Refunds will be issued through check and sent to the mailing address on file.





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