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Palomar officials announce changes to grading policies

Palomar College will be adjusting some of their grading policies due to COVID-19.

Highlighted in a letter to all students, Palomar College announced they will be making three changes to grading policies to help students during these unknown times.

First, the pass/no pass deadline will be moved to May 1, 2020.

This will give students the opportunity to earn a ‘P’ or ‘NP’ on their transcript, which will not affect a students GPA like a normal letter grade.

In the letter, they recommend that students “speak with an academic counselor to determine the impact of your P or NP on transferring to a UC, CSU, out of state or private university.”

Second, if a student is considering an Incomplete, they can contact their instructor to discuss further options.

If an incomplete is the decision, both the student and instructor must complete the Incomplete Grade form.

Finally, Palomar College says that COVID-19 will be recognized as an extenuating circumstance and suspends the requirement that students must prove otherwise.

Officials shared that “If a class was attempted in the Spring 2020 semester for a third time, but received a grade of D, F, FW, or W; you may submit a petition to repeat the class for a fourth time if COVID-19 is the stated reason.”

For more information, students can contact the Academic Counseling Department at

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