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Palomar students to receive parking pass refunds

Story by Colton Webster

Palomar College students will likely receive a partial refund of their parking pass due to the cancellation of in-person classes.

As a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Palomar officials canceled in-person classes.

Palomar’s governing board will be holding a meeting this Friday to discuss how they plan on reimbursing students for their parking passes, according to an email sent by Vice President of Student Services Aiden Ely.

“It is more complicated than you might think because many students have their fees paid through third party resources (like Financial Aid programs),” Ely wrote.

In addition, students will not have to purchase parking passes for the fast track 2 or summer semesters. Any student who has already purchased a parking pass for fast track 2 will receive a full refund.

Students should monitor their Palomar email addresses for updates regarding how the school will handle the partial refund.

Featured photo by Elvin Diego

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