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Out with the old, in with the new: what’s coming to Netflix this month

February is shaping up to be a pretty interesting release month for Netflix with 25 series releases, over 50 movies, and five new Netflix documentaries according to an article on

In true Netflix fashion, it will be a mixture of old and new, scary and emotional, comedy and horror, so that they are able to reach all members of their audience and keep us all on the edge of our seat and wanting more.

Kicking right off at the end of January, there is a new show called “Ragnarok” that everyone has been waiting to give an opinion on. We have all seen some form of a Scandinavian or Viking show in our time and Netflix could really go either way with the story. Although, it seems that they will stick to the super-hero trend and has been said to give off somewhat of a “Twilight” vibe. What that means though could be a few things, will it be dark and gloomy? Or will it be a hopeless and star-crossed romance with tons of fighting and action along the way?

Also being newly released is a show called “Locke and Key” that is centered around three siblings moving into their childhood home where they find keys leading them to new family secrets.

With these two newbies, comes two show that most have waited for roughly a year to see what happens next; “Altered Carbon Season 2”, being released on Feb. 27, where we see what our favorite ice prisoner is investigating a murder, and “Narcos: Mexico Season 2” with an intense play-out of history and the cartels will be released Feb. 13.

Don’t worry, Netflix hasn’t forgotten our love for movies with a return of “The Notebook” for the romantics and “Scary Movie 2” for those of you who like a little humor with a side of murder. “Dirty Harry” a 1971 classic with tons of suspense to keep your heart going, and a ton of other new and old releases.

With all of this excitement, it will be hard to forget that we will be losing some shows and movies as well. According to a list posted on we will lose “Gangs of New York”, “Lincoln”, and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and several others. Alongside those, are series’ and the CNN TV documentary series’ focused on decades of time like “The 2000s”, “The Nineties”, and “The Eighties”.

It looks like Netflix plans to keep up it’s original status of making things interesting and keeping us reeled in and at the edge of our seats with all of our old favorites, as well as some new to watch.

Popcorn is ready and the couch is cozy. This is a wonderful month for binge watching.

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