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‘Harriet’ inspires a new generation

Story by Cameron Eshelman

The movie “Harriet” directed by Kasi Lemmons, is an empowering movie about the life of a slave, Harriet Tubman, during the 19th century.

Tubman eventually, escapes the grasp of her owner and runs away to the North to no longer be a slave. Tubman eventually returns to Maryland to save her friends and family and liberate them as she had been.

Overall, this movie was an inspiring movie not only empowering people of color, but women as well. Tubman was a person that was not expected to have as much power as she did, and she performed one of the most memorable acts in history by leading the slaves to liberation.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie got a 97% rating according to the audience and a 76% rating according to critics. From a cinematography point of view, this movie was highly professional and did the history of slavery a service by educating a new generation on the subject. Tubman’s real name was actually Araminta Ross. She changed it to her mother’s name and her husband’s last name after she freed herself.

It was extremely eye opening to watch her progression to greatness. Overall, critics and audience members can highly recommend this movie if you are looking to learn about a historical woman.


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