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There’s no need to inconveniently leave campus for food

Written by Haley Hardy

Students at Palomar College need to stop leaving to get food between classes when they can very conveniently get their food right here on campus. Many students choose to purchase food off-campus before or after school instead of supporting the businesses located on the college campus, where there is a good variety of fresh foods.

If you’re stuck all day on campus and feeling hungry or just hanging out with friends and want to grab a bite, there are some spots to eat on campus to check out. Keep in mind, some lines are longer than others so if you want to eat on campus plan accordingly.

At the Comet Cafe Food Court, you can get a variety of different food between your classes. You can pick up a sandwich at Subway, but you have to make sure you have time to spare, as this is a crowd favorite that is guaranteed to have a line if you come around lunch time.

Need to grab something quick? Get a slice of pizza at Bene Pizza- all you have to do is grab a plate, fill it with what you want, and pay for it in the check out line. Not in the mood for pizza or Subway, the food court offers burgers and chicken at Grille Works or salads from Greens To Go.

Just looking for a pick me up during your school day? Jamba Juice and Java City might be able to provide you with what you need to carry on the day. Java City has coffee ranging from hot to blended that will wake you up after a long night of studying. Jamba Juice will have the perfect smoothie to lighten your day. Both offer a variety of grab and go snacks to go with your beverage. There’s usually a wait at these hot spots but the staff are fast and ready for your order.

By choosing to buy on campus, you’re not only supporting our school but the students who work there. If more students help support Palomar College’s food services, we might have the opportunity to get a bigger variety of choices on campus. Next time you need food or a pick me up between classes try stopping by and seeing what Palomar College has to offer before you leave campus.

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