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New rap star crowns himself the “King of babies”

In the hip hop community, shooting lyrics offbeat is widely known to be odd and sometimes cringing. But for one hip hop artist, his flow overcomes that making it unique compared to most rap artists being known as charlottesville overnight sensation – DaBaby.
Rolling stones Magazine has named DaBaby as the “king of the babies” after releasing his latest album KIRK named after his father who passed away the same day DaBaby was told his song “Suge” went platinum

In the album he starts off with “INTRO” expressing his thoughts between the two conflicts of his father’s passing and reaching fame the same year. It is the only time in the album where DaBaby isn’t rapping about sex, fame, and glory which making it the most impactful. Though he is a hip hop rap artist, DaBaby goes along the lines to say “I’m not rapping, I’m preaching.” during his intro.

DaBaby goes even further of the idea of preaching with “GOSPEL” featuring Chance the Rapper, Gucci Mane, and YK Osiris giving a “Sunday morning service” feeling with a rhythm and blues piano beat.

The most popular song on the album would have to be “POP STAR” featuring Kevin Gates telling his experience as pop star who still lives life on the edge with lavish cars and women; screaming “F**k the Police” with his significant sound word “Vroom!” heard through the rest of the album.

KIRK is coming off as one of the greatest albums to end the summer, but still DaBaby has his flaws starting with flow. Yes, he has a very unique flow that almost sounds old school, but the flow never changes. It’s as though the song adapts to him. But how long before people get tired of the same flow with no change of style. Without the change, he will likely fade into the mainstream sound every other rapper.

Secondly, his music is more geared toward hip hop but features rappers that are often seen as “Trap” artists such as Migos heard in “RAW SHIT.” The album gets confusing with sound of hip hop in the beginning and “Trap” style toward the end sounding like something you would play at a house party. But not so much for a club.

Overall, DaBaby has came out from XXL Freshman year as the hottest artist of 2019. KIRK gives a taste of what it’s like to live a life between the love of family and the love of fame and fortune at the age of 27.

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