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New pop-up market gives vegans a place to indulge in unique food items

Alyssa Bassir, local vegan baker, created a place to spread awareness of veganism. Thistle and Sage had their first night market at Vail Headquarters last month. Since then, people all over southern California have been raving about it.

The market occurs on the third Saturday of each month from 4-8pm. Not only is the event free of admission charges, but also kid and pet friendly. So even your furry friends can enjoy delicious vegan food and explore local plant-based businesses.

Patty melt from Harmless Eats, a San Diego food cart. Samantha Cox / The Telescope.

One of the most popular vendors throughout all of Temecula is Amo Nakatl Asada, a vegan twist on traditional mexican food. They are hoping to open up their restaurant in Vail HQ soon, but are currently found at specific farmers markets in Riverside County. This past weekend, they “completely sold out within two hours,” says Jocelyn Amador, sister of Lucero Amador-Oseguera, the company’s founder. Customers love their jackfruit tacos and specialty nachos. Lucero says “though we have restaurant and cooking experience, we never imagined being where we are now with our food.”

This past market, there were some San Diego entrepreneurs. One of them is called Harmless Eats. They are a vegan pop-up vendor primarily found in San Diego County. Like Amo Nakatl Asada, they had an amazing turnout. They sold out of everything besides their patty melt within hours of opening. This place veganizes southern dishes. Some popular items are their fried chicken grilled cheese, po-boy, and the elote dog. Selling out of most of their menu items didn’t stop them from getting business, however. Many market-goers were more than happy trying the patty melt, which was delicious.

There was more than just food at this vegan fiesta. There was also candles, essential oils, clothing, and candles. All from local, sustainable businesses here in Temecula.

Eco-friendly decor found on tables throughout the market. Samantha Cox / The Telescope.

Just about anything could be found at Thistle and Sage, even vegan candles. Most candles contain beeswax, and since the bee population is rapidly declining, it is considered environmentally aware to stay away from honey, beeswax, and all other bee-killing items. The Sivan Collection is a local business founded by Noah Sivan, Sacramento born and Temecula-raised. Many of his candles are lightly scented with local coffee beans and fresh fruit with a soy base. The most popular candle of the night was ‘Mr.Sivan,’ a candle with leather, teakwood, and vanilla scents. You can find Noah selling his candles at the Old Town Night market at Baileys in Temecula, or now at Thistle and Sage Marketplace in Vail HQ.

Whether you are looking for a filling dinner, premium candles, clothing, or simply a good time, Thistle and Sage is open on the third Saturday of each month from 4-8pm.

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