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Top Ways to Hire a Java Developer

Top Ways to Hire a Java Developer

Java is among the most portable and powerful computer languages today. It is a computing platform used for both desktop and server environments. Java’s architecturally agnostic virtual machine has given rise to a new way of programming i.e. ‘Write once, run everywhere,’ whereby a Java developer can build a desktop application that runs on any platform, distributed web applications and even mobile applications. Java developers are super-important and hiring great developers is indeed a challenging task.

Every candidate search begins with a job advertisement. A good job description is a first step towards attracting the right talent. A comprehensive job description should clearly define the skills required for a position. It should comprise the title of the job, key areas of responsibility and deliverables, and short and long-term objectives.

A key to finding good candidates is to go to the places where Java developers congregate. Local developer communities, meetups and conferences can be a great place to source Java developers. Computer science departments in colleges are also bursting with potential candidates. An organization that does not want to miss out on good candidates should have a career page on its website. This would help in attending to every job seeker and have a ready talent pool in place.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have transformed the way in which people work, communicate and search for potential job seekers. Social media can be used effectively to identify and reach out to the target candidates. It is important to exploit the value, efficacy and ease-of-use of online job portals to zero in on the right candidates. Gaining new employees through referrals is also an attractive proposition. Getting a referral is a cheaper and faster way to hire, produces a better hire and reduces the turnover rate at the company.

Pre-Employment Skill Testing

Pre-Employment Skill Testing is a great tool in helping hiring managers to quickly screen and assess the applicants for a Java developer position. Online Java tests can cover the different topics and frameworks of Java by means of multiple choice questions, True/False questions, descriptive questions, and a mix of theory and application questions. A good assessment should contain a balanced mix of theory and practical questions / coding samples, so that an employer can evaluate candidate’s knowledge on various Java concepts and coding. Behavioral Questions can reveal how a person would act in a given situation. Tricky questions would be useful in assessing the attitude and analytical thinking of a candidate.

A Java developer should possess a good grasp of various Java frameworks as businesses use different technologies and frameworks to keep their applications up and running. He should know the latest LTS version of Java, and be familiar with the rapid release versions and previous versions that are still in use.

To conclude, an IT company will grow and expand only if it hires Java developers who have the requisite skills and fit within the company’s culture.



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