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3 Tools to Help Streamline Your IT Administrator Workflow

3 Tools to Help Streamline Your IT Administrator Workflow

IT Administrators’ daily duties vary each day. Maintaining the infrastructure of the IT department is their primary task, but they have to be available throughout the day and be ready to rise to many different challenges. This can disrupt their workflow and render them unavailable to tend to core tasks.

It is safe to say that IT administrators can benefit from business software tools a lot, much more than some of their colleagues. Let’s see how simple tools, such as R-Drive Image among others, can help IT administrators streamline their workflow.  We give you the 3 tools to help streamline your IT administrator workflow.

R-Drive Image

R-Drive Image is a simple-to-use software solution that still can pack a serious kick. This utility software is developed to make the creation of disk images and backup processes as easy as possible. Since IT administrators have to implement numerous precautions to minimize the risk of losing data, they are forced to use different tools.

R-Drive Image is the perfect tool for this problem. IT admins can use it to create a disk image on the go, without disrupting the work of others on the target PC. It also features various compression methods to help admins store backup and image files more conveniently.

SOTI MobiControl

We live in the mobile era. This is why there are more and more companies each day allowing employees to use their own devices at work. While this appears very practical, managing all those mobile devices on the company network and making sure that nothing is a potential security and privacy risk is every IT administrators nightmare. Enter SOTI MobiControl.

SOTI MobiControl is one of the most comprehensive mobile device management software tools out there. It features a Google Map console that enables tracking of all mobile devices on one screen. The software supports Android, iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows devices. It allows IT admins to take full control of business mobility.

Team Viewer

You would be surprised to find out how much time an IT administrator spends answering calls from employees who just need a simple fix. Yes, these tasks are in their job description, but still, they tend to take too much. Fortunately, they can be helped with a simple solution such as Team Viewer.

Team Viewer is a remote connectivity software. It is surprisingly simple to install and use and the software firm behind it constantly works on making it even more secure to use. It will allow your IT admins to access employees’ computers remotely and take full control of their computer. This can be done even outside the business network which is great news since administrators can now solve problems wherever they are and from whatever device they have.

Although very simple to use, R-Drive Image, SOTI MobiControl, and Team Viewer are sophisticated business software solutions designed to streamline the workflow of any IT administrator.

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