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Comets Corner with Justin Folz and Sarah Fisher

Interviews by Cheyenne Cyr and Krista Moore


Justin Foltz throwing across the dimond to get an out at first base. Aprill 11 Krista Moore/ The Telescope

1. What’s your Year/Major?

J: I’m a Business Major, and I’m a sophomore.

S: I’m technically I’m a junior academically but a sophomore here and I’m a nursing major.

2. How did you get to play third base?

J: I picked third baseman because it was something I recognized and was familiar with from old games I played, I’ve always been an infielder.

S: I’ve only been at third for two years . My coach said to do it( in travel ball) so I did.

3. What is your favorite on-field moment so far in your career?

J: None that I can think of off the top of my head, no.

S: There is this thing called a mis-hit where they do a full swing but the ball only goes two feet, I ran and laid out to catch one.

4. Do you have a pregame meal/snack you eat before a big game?

J: I just chew plenty of gum.

S: I forget to eat, so coffee. That’s it.

5. What kind of goals do you have for the rest of the season or future?

J:Just to keep on playing for as long as I can.

S: Just keep holding it down at third and to make an impact while I’m here

Sarah Fisher, March 8, 2019. Sukhi Heumann / The Telescope

6. Do you have a favorite athlete you look up to?

J:No, not really, just big-leagues in general, y’know?

S: Our whole coaching staff basically. If they hadn’t taught me how to do infield I wouldn’t have known how to do it.

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