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Satisfy your fantasy of becoming a viking at The Twisted Horn

Upon gaining entrance to The Twisted Horn mead & cider, one enters into another world and satisfies the fantasy of becoming a Viking.

The Twisted Horn is a rustic, medieval meadery with games, drinks, food, live music, and friendly comaraderie, Apr 6. Taylor Hardey/The Telescope

On Mar 23 2019 the Twisted Horn celebrated their two-year anniversary of business. The celebration is consistent with the décor and vibe of ‘Viking.’

They had live music, mead served in horns, customers dressed in full Viking gear, and a cheery vibe reminiscent of the stories of Valhalla.

Every now and then, somebody blows into a horn as if it were a conch and the crowd release a cheer.

Workers at the Twisted Horn meadery produce the mead and cider on site, Apr 6. Customers can purchase bottles to take home as well. Taylor Hardey/The Telescope

“It has a really comfortable atmosphere, like being at your best friend’s house. That and the mead is excellent,” stated a Palomar student in attendance of the two-year anniversary.

The Twisted Horn offers mead, ciders, and various different special nights such as their D&D Wednesday. Live music is offered on occasion. There are numerous outlets, and Wi-Fi available to customers, should a student endeavor to work/or study with the help of some mead.

One of the biggest amenities that the Twisted Horn offers is the wall of board games offered for public use. They offer games from a deck of playing cards all the way to a unique game of ‘Viking’ chess.

The Twisted Horn is a rustic, medieval meadery with games, drinks, food, live music, and friendly comaraderie, Apr 6. They also bottle their own drinks so that customers may enjoy them in the comfort of their own homes. Taylor Hardey/The Telescope

The Twisted Horn is a less than 10 minute drive from Palomar, making it an easily accessible location to kick back and relax after a long week of school.

The potential downside? They only sell drinks, including soda. To purchase food, you have to go and visit one of the various food trucks that frequent the place. For the most part, the food trucks sell delicious food for a fair price. But, if one had dietary restrictions, it would behoove them to either buy food before hanging out at the Twisted Horn, or order a delivery service.

The staff are also very involved with patrons, often making the rounds to not only pick up empty glasses, but to also chat with the people. They take chess very seriously here, having the standard chess set, a Viking version of chess, and a 4-person chess board available for use. They will almost always give advice to whomever is losing the game.

The drinks are unique, and affordably priced. With the purchases of two flights, one can try all available meads for $16 and all available ciders for another two flights.

The Twisted Horn offers a little respite from the mundane of life, by allowing its patrons to escape into games, computers, and Viking-dom.

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