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James Coffee Company: A caffeine lover’s dream

James Coffee Company is an independently owned and operated coffee shop that was founded in 2013, dedicated to serving their community handcrafted artisan coffee. They have 2 locations: Little Italy and Bankers Hill- located in downtown San Diego, as well as multiple locations that sell their coffee beans. The company is owned by David and Carina Kennedy.

An iced vanilla latte. – Mariana Melendrez, The Telescope.

Many people question why James’ Coffee is so special compared to all of the other coffee shops located in this city, and the answer to this is the shop’s calm, yet creative atmosphere, on top of the fact that they provide their customers with distinctive single-origin beans and one-of-a-kind craft blends.

 In addition, they offer a lineup of coffee classes (brewing, roasting, and even latte art!) that anyone is able to attend if willing to pay for it.

James Coffee also hosts weekly classes for anybody interested in learning about coffee.- Mariana Melendrez, The Telescope.


“I think our consistency, from our shops to roasting our coffee, is the most special part of James Coffee. Everyone should have good coffee, and our company has the willingness to do everything that it takes to provide that,” David Kennedy had explained. “I enjoy making cups of coffee, and appreciate all of the process it takes to be made, as well as sharing it with people.”

David has been a coffee enthusiast for almost his whole life, traveling around different places and sampling all various types of coffee, before making the decision of opening up his own business. “I had enjoyed it so much, a couple of times I had roasted it in a popcorn maker on my porch,” he had explained.

“Since we own a family business, I consider everyone we work with very close friends and family. The best part is being able to see your close ones during your everyday work life”, Carina Kennedy, David’s wife, had added. “Essentially all of the people that work there make it so special, and the space we get to share with all the other businesses as well.”

Side view of the entrance of James Coffee.- Mariana Melendrez, The Telescope.

Their menu consists of simple, delicious hot and cold espresso drinks, including lattes, mochas, cappuccinos and a variety of hot teas. Not only do they have that satisfying cup of joe for someone who needs a pick-me-up, but they also offer different pastries, such as croissants, quiche, and even Nutella cruffins. James Coffee Co. also offers barista boxes, and sells hot coffee and cold brew by the gallon, for those who are looking to brighten up their coworkers’ day.

James Coffee Co. is a perfect stop for those who want to grab an amazing cup of coffee or tea, or those who’d like to simply share some time with friends or family. Their main location is located at 2355 India Street, inside of The “Space” shop outlet, and their secondary location is on Fourth Ave. in Bankers Hill. Give them a visit if you need a pick-me-up!

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