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KKSM Radio Station wins awards at Broadcasting Conference

Story by Nicole Villanueva

NEW YORK —  Students from KKSM Radio, Palomar’s broadcasting and media production department, received 16 finialist trophies and two winning awards when attending the annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Conference on March 1 held in New York City.

Every year, the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) holds a massive media conference and award ceremony that honors high school and college students from across the nation.

The conference extended over three days at Hotel Pennsylvania located in Midtown Manhattan just across from Madison Square Garden.

Zeb Navarro, Palomar’s radio station manager took eight other students along with him on the trip.

During the conference, students had the opportunity to attend multiple workshops and lectures. These workshops provided information that expanded their comprehension and perspective of real life media facets in the broadcasting realm.

Over 100 schools were present at the conference. The awards received were for Best Public Affairs Event/Promotion and Best TV Talk Program.

If you’d like to tune into Palomar’s independent, student operated radio station, listen live on or download the TuneIn app on your smart device and follow KKSM Radio.

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