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Palomar Fashion Department opens free clothing bank to students

Story by Ashley Romero

SAN MARCOS — The Fashion and Merchandising Department opened a clothing bank for the students of Palomar in Fall 2018.

The clothing bank is known as the Comet’s Closet. The bank was originally intended to house businesswear for students but has since expanded to everyday casual wear, shoes, and accessories for both men and women.

The service is free and accessible to anyone with a valid Palomar ID number. Students can also take advantage of getting free “makeovers” from fashion department students, free of cost.

Rita Campo Griggs, Palomar’s Fashion Department Director, explained that the idea of Comet’s Closet came from seeing students on campus struggle.

“You see students struggling and it’s a need you could fill,” Griggs explained.

With the help of her assistant and Fashion Club President, Krysti Ramsey, the bank opened at the beginning of Fall 2018.

Student, Madelyn Dorin, browsing through the women’s clothing at the Comet’s Closet outside of the SU building. Megan Lammott/ Telescope

Fashion students are able to volunteer their time and help run the bank. Some volunteers are able to receive items from the bank in return.

Not only does the department give back to the students of Palomar but the children of the Early Childhood Education Lab School (ECE-LS). As Halloween approached last year, the ECE-LS was in need of costumes. Fashion students created several different costumes including a gypsy, a cowgirl, and a butterfly.

Although it hasn’t been easy to get noticed, the clothing bank has received more donations than they projected. Comet’s Closet is still fairly new and eager for more donations.

Students are encouraged to donate sportswear, casual wear, business wear, as well as seasonal apparel. The bank is currently in need of more men’s apparel and depending on donations, children’s clothing is often available.

Comet’s Closet is located in front of the Anita and Stan Maag Food & Nutrition Center on Mondays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and Tuesdays from 12 noon to 1 p.m. Students can also schedule a makeover appointment and visit Comets’ Closet in room FD-4 on any other day.

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