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Encinitas cafe offers consumable cookie dough

Lionspack is the only place in Encinitas where you can enjoy edible cookie dough without the risk of salmonella poisoning. Not only is their cookie dough delicious, but they also offer vegan and sugar free options if you’re craving a more healthy snack.

Employee scooping vegan edible cookie dough at Lionspack in Encinitas. Feb 2nd 2019. Aubree Wiedmaier/The Telescope

Sean W., a Lionspack customer, said the “taste and texture of your cookie dough couldn’t be any better. Especially for someone like me who has food allergies. Just baked it and the cookies came out excellent.”

Girl Scout cookies may not fit into everyone’s diet. Lionspack offers Girl Scout cookie flavored dough, such as the “samoa,” which is vegan and gluten free. You can enjoy the dough raw or cook it in the oven and bake cookies.

For those who do not live in San Diego, their products can be ordered online. Online cookie dough flavors include: birthday cake, golden O’reo, pumpkin chip, and more. Nutrition information is also available online.

A sign in Lionspack in Encinitas. Feb. 2nd 2019. Aubree Wiedmaier/ The Telescope

Founders Jeff and NaKelle Denton state in their mission statement

“whether it’s a way to stay on track with your diet and goals, or a way to treat yourself in a healthier way, we love being a part in your journey.”

The Denton’s created Lionspack based on the belief that the world does not need any more average products. Which is why they have been able to create such a unique business. They consider both their customers and employees family, because they have helped to make their dreams of being business owners a reality.

The idea for cookie dough came about when Jeff developed an egg and dairy allergy. Jeff and Nakelle experimented with different protein bars and other snacks when they created their cookie dough.

With savvy marketing and a strong passion for their craft, they were able to create a successful business. Marketing was done through Instagram and giving out free samples to the community. Within the first week, they had about 50 orders. The company has grown so much that they are now up to about 100 orders per day.

Employee scooping vegan edible cookie dough at Lionspack in Encinitas. Feb 2nd 2019. Aubree Wiedmaier/The Telescope

You will feel a lot less guilty eating cookie dough knowing that they have recently partnered with The Dream 2 Achieve Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged youth become more involved in their community through sports and summer programs. Each month, Lionspack contributes money to this foundation based on their sales.

With a variety of options catering to various diets, anyone can enjoy Lionspack without harming their body. Located in the heart of Encinitas, it is a unique place that you can take your loved ones to.

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