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University does not have to stress you out – Here is how

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University has a habit of stressingstudents out. The system does not necessarily mean to, but it tends to happen anyway. It makes sense. University is a higher education system that is literally designed to challenge and strengthen an individual’s academic abilities and talents. But whether it makes sense or not, that does not change the fact that the environment can be immensely stressful. Students often find themselves feeling a little lost – an irony that speaks volumes. Surrounded by thousands of other students on campus, there is still an innate sense of loneliness that comes with university. That loneliness can be attributed to stress.

Honestly, it happens to most of us. As students, we are stuck in between a rock and a hard place, of sorts. Not in the traditional sense, though. As students, we are caught between wanting to make the most of an experience that will never come again, and having to commit a lot of our time to ensuring our academic studies flourish and excel. Here are three sage pieces of advice to get you through university. Embrace them, utilise them, let them guide you to a more peaceful, exciting university experience (rather than a stressful experience in which you are having a meltdown every week because of the always-impending assessment pile.

Get assistance when you are struggling with assessment overload

Many students struggle with their assessment course loads. This is not uncommon knowledge. Universities around the world demand a lot of commitment and responsibility to the academic aspect. Why wouldn’t they? But what continues to happen is that students often find they physically and mentally cannot keep up with the course load. When this happens (and honestly, it is not a case of if, it is a definitive case of when), embrace the assessment assistance platforms available to you. Whether it is the Ultius essays for hire system, or hiring a semester-long tutor to keep you on track, take advantage of the assistance available.

Learn about your university’s support programs and systems

It is not just up to you to de-stress yourself. The campus you have chosen should have active and open platforms, programs, and/or support groups in place that are designed to cater to assisting you with the whole experience. Making yourself aware of these support systems will inevitably also make you aware of how important it is to put your whole health first – even before your studies. If you are struggling with your health, you are unlikely to be able to focus and do the best that you possibly can academically.

Find yourself a support network that feels like a home away from home

Being away from home is hard. Especially if you have moved from your home town to campus. Attending events and studying in social areas – like cafes, sections of the library, and campus food courts – will give you the chance to meet new people. Start with your roommate on campus (if you have one). You cannot replace your family or home, but you can create a support network that you love, and a home away from home. Do it.


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