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Run your own baseball franchise from home

Story written by Ryan Davis


Screencap of live game taken by Ryan Davis

Have you ever wanted to run your own baseball franchise? Ever wondered what it was like to draft, trade, and manage your very own team? OOTP Baseball 19 gives you that opportunity and so much more in the OOTP Baseball franchise’s most immersive edition to date.


OOTP has been around since 1998 and is a sim-based strategy game based around the world of baseball. The player takes control of a baseball franchise and has free reign to do whatever they please with the team they have. Features include making trades, drafting players, signing free agents. Basically, the goal is to build a baseball dynasty using whatever methods you choose.


The game does cost money and is available as a PC-exclusive game but it is definitely worth the money as you will find yourself pouring hours upon hours into the baseball world you created.

‘Perfect team’ mode // Screencap taken by Ryan Davis

OOTP Baseball 19 is the franchise’s best version thus far, improving on basic functions while adding new features that help to make the world much more immersive.


One of the most broken systems in the game, the trading engine, received a mini revamp in 19. Trading has always been broken in OOTP as human controlled teams had no issue trading bad players for very good ones. This year however, trading is more realistic and also allows the user to iclude salary retention when using the trade finder system, allowing for new ways to make trades.


Also new in 19 is the 3D simulator, used when you want to watch your team in action. In the past the sim engine was pretty simple, only showing dots on the screen during the game. In 19 the dots are replaced with 3D figures that move around during the play, creating a more realistic simulation experience.


Lastly, the OOTP team decided to make a huge addition in 19, a new game mode called “Perfect Team”. Perfect Team is a card-based game where the player collects cards of former and current MLB players in an effort to win games and be the best in the world. Cards are acquired through packs and once y

Homescreen // Screencap taken by Ryan Davis

our team is put together you are put in a league with other people worldwide, playing games against them every half-hour.


OOTP is a gaming franchise that is perfect for fans of baseball and provides an experience unlike any other baseball game. OOTP 19 is the latest version to further the gaming franchise’s reputation as the most immersive baseball sim experience.


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