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The Supposed Blue Wave

There will not be a blue wave, because our generation is too lazy to vote.

We look around and see tons of people ranging from millennials to Generation X advocating for women’s rights and strict gun control – but the polls do not reflect these values. The majority of Republicans consist of old people who are sitting at home, having nothing other than politics to worry about. These people do not have to go through the struggles of taking time off of work to go out and vote or dragging their kids the voting booths. They are the majority of people who can go out and vote.

Take for instance the election of 2016. There were rallies for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders all over the country, we were for certain that Hillary Clinton was going to win. With that being said, many people didn’t go out and vote. Others threw away their vote by voting for “Kanye West” or “Harambe.” Unfortunately, our government doesn’t count Twitter polls as votes.

With the decision of Brett Kavanaugh, is ecstasy for Republicans to the point where they are in a mindset to take over our government. There is an extreme divide between Democrats and Republicans today, or rather – those who think women should have basic human rights and those who think they should not. While it would make sense that fewer people would vote Republican if it meant that someone in their party committed sexual assault, many Republicans believe that these “victims” are just people trying to bring down the republican party. Thus, keeping the number of people voting republican merely the same.

Veteran political handicapper Charlie Cook says in a column at the Cook Political Report, “Those who led the out-of-control demonstrations on Capitol Hill against the Kavanaugh nomination have any understanding of how much damage they did to Democrats and the party’s chances of winning a majority in the Senate.” He goes on to say, “Republican net gain of a seat or two seems most likely, moving the GOP up to either 52 or 53 seats, though a gain of three seats or no net change is entirely possible.”

Whether there is a Blue wave or not, these midterm elections will change voter turnout in the 2020 election. Either Democrats will get what they want to take over the house, or they will have to change the way they think about politics. In order for there to be a Blue wave, Democrats will need to take at least 23 seats. This is not entirely impossible, however, with recent talk of gun laws, women’s rights, and immigration rights, there is a lot on the line, especially for the Republican party.

We’ve seen it time and time again, the younger generation does not vote. If we want affordable healthcare, a quality education, and women’s rights, Democrats must take action and get in those polling booths.

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