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New cheer coach brings new hope

It in’t exactly common knowledge that Palomar has a cheer team and their aspirations are definitely bigger than their pompoms!

Palomar Cheer plans to top the sports pyramid in future competitions, especially with returning cheerleaders and a new coach.Our school’s spirit champion’s have definitely been under the radar in previous years, but with a fresh new coach straight from Florida, goals and expectations have been set.

The East Coast native, Stephanie Reed Neptune, is a cheer veteran who has coached high school and All Star cheer for the past fifteen years.Coach Reed was hired two weeks prior to the start of the semester, but despite the difficulties and challenges she faces, she is excited and optimistic for the team’s future.

“Thankfully I have really a good group athletes this semester that are flexible and driven and determined,” Reed said

Because this is the first semester with a new coach, the Coach Reed is still feeling out her new roll, but has plenty of thoughts and ideas for the team and its’ future.Reed mentioned, “I’m hoping we’ll be interested in more. Maybe create a pep rally type thing on campus one day.”

Cheer is a year round sport, first supporting basketball and football, then at the end of the year, focusing on competitions.

Palomar’s Shania Clancy cheering during a football game Oct.13 Krista Moore/ The Telescope

Last year Comet’s Cheer competed in the NCA Daytona Nationals. This year, however, the possibility for tournaments seem to be up in the air.

“I would love for them to be a competitive team.” Reed said “If we could compete locally, I think Daytona would be a great thing for them to aspire to.”

Shania Clancy, a second year comet cheerleader feels like “Our team meshes super well, better than any team I’ve ever been on. The talent is unreal… our new coach is amazing this year.”

Clancy dreams to transfer to SDSU to cheer, possibly next year, but is open to whatever the future has in store for her. Another Palomar Cheer veteran, Elijah Carter, equally as enthusiastic as Clancy about the team and Coach reed.Carter feels optimistic about the team and said, “I don’t think we have counterproductive practices. I feel like every practice we’re actually getting stuff done.

Both Clancy and Carter have taken on rolls as leaders on the team and both expressed confidence in the future of the newly reborn team.

The team is stronger than ever this year and the team even has new outfits to show their spirit while cheering.

Coach Reed wants to create a buzz around cheer because, although cheer doesn’t yet fall under Palomar’s “Athletic” umbrella, they are still a Palomar team and are striving to be recognized as such.
With the spirit stick passed on, the cheerocracy is stronger than ever and the school will be cheering them on!

The team will preform on November 3 at Escondido High School.Coach Reed is hoping the team will put on a halftime performance so be sure to come out and support!

Athletes, male and female, who are interested in cheer can contact the sports administrative office in O-10 on the San Marcos Campus for more information on how to join. Athletes must be full time students and will earn 2 credits upon completion.

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