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College Sugar Babies in for a sweet deal

Student Debt in the United States is at $1,580,294,357,419 and is increasing by the minute.

Nearly 2 million students are are looking for an escape to get out the choking hands of student loan debt and sugar daddies are just what these students were looking for.

In the San Diego region signups from UCSD has tripled from the year before for websites such as Seeking Arrangement,What’s your price , Miss. Travel and Seeking MIllionaire. SDSU not far behind having memberships that have more than doubled.

So what is the cause for such i in interest for these daring sites that connect young sugar babies with those that are older and have a steady money flow?

Many of these sugar babies turn to the site in order to find someone to pay for their education,so they can graduate debt-free.

Administrators at SDSU and UCSD failed to comment on their thoughts on having a high percentage of the student population seeking sugar daddy arrangements for financial support after various calls to their offices.

Tiffany Brown has an average monthly allowance of $3,000 from her Sugar daddy in which lives in Puerto Rico and owns a successful baseball team. He travels three times a month to visit her and just a week prior to the interview had received a brand new car as a reward for her company to his recent Gala.

“He’s more than just my daddy that gives me money, he mentors me , makes me feel important when I need it.” said Tiffany

Tiffany is a 20-year-old junior at SDSU that felt proud for having someone supporting her financially and emotionally.

“The worst thing is having to come back to your dorm and seeing an empty fridge with an empty stomach.”

Tiffany is one of many girls on SDSU campus that has been using websites such as Seeking Arrangement in order to find a way to pay for their expenses as a college student.

Ashley Miran is another in which goes to UCSD and studies Pre Med and comes from a single parent home. Without someone supporting her financially, an education at UCSD would be unattainable.

Ashley hopes to further her education at UCSF, a private school in which tuition ranges from $34,386 to $46,631.

She had discovered the website, What’s your price, well known as her freshman year and had been conflicted on whether or not to follow through with it.

“I mean when you hear about these sites it seems so surreal you know, someone funding you. But of course there is a price for it.”

Ashley had openly admitting in an emotional discussion about the pictures she had to send and the way she felt knowing she had to get paid for them.

“It felt like there was always a price for my body. He never touched me but I was selling these pictures to him. Every four videos of myself was worth $1,000. When I had no gas , no food I was sending him more than I usually would.”

She expressed her deep remorse when initially beginning her journey as a sugar baby but now enjoys feeling no worry for her fees or bills. It’s a sweet deal no college-aged girl can deny.

The minimum payment for these sugar babies are cash and gifts but many have evolved into getting more than that , mentorship, investments and business advice.

Brandon Wade is the CEO and Founder of these well known sites said his main goal for the sites was to allow these young college students to find people to help them further their education and success.

“The term Sugar Daddy is no longer reserved for the aged millionaire . It’s become a lifestyle embodied by young, prominent , single men who have genuine , vested interest in adding value to their partners’ life.”

Mr. Wade also discussed he does not allow escorts or exchange of money for prostitution on his sites.

Universities all over the U.S are forcing students to find alternatives in paying for their tuition and fees. Although it was promised that in the CSU system tuition would not be raised for the 2019 year , out of state students are out of luck.

A recent vote increased the supplemental tuition for out-of-state students to $28,992, bringing the new total for out-of-state students’ tuition and fees to $41,622.

But what administrator would truly understand what it is like to go to an empty refrigerator on an empty stomach while they are going home to a full cooked meal.

Faculty and administrators claim to remember what it was like to struggle during their college years, but do not seem to want to make a change for those generations after them.

As the cost of tuition and rent rises, so does the apparent popularity of such sites among students. But are they really providing financial relief, or signing women up for something more exploitative and dangerous than debt?

College-aged girls are finding that some of these “sugar daddies” and their sweet deals are backfiring. After their arrangement is done and all ties seem to be loose, videos and pictures are surfacing once they have reached their career.

These arrangements are less vague than prostitution and are known for a materialistic exchange that includes explicit images and videos for a compensation.

A compensation that is temporary but a link forever tied to them.

Student loans are not covering the tuition or fees that are constantly skyrocketing and it’s time for universities to open their eyes to the deep hole they are forcing college students to jump in.

It should not be difficult for college

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