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Young Americans for Liberty

SAN MARCOS — On Aug. 20 Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), a pro-liberty organization that is spread out on college campus throughout the United States, came to Palomar with giant blow up beach balls.

The representors stood in the SU-Quad with the giant beach balls and sharpie markers, calling for students to come over and exercise their right to free speech and use the sharpies to write something.

YAL works to cultivate youth activists by training and mobilizing them to win on the principle of the rights they have as Americans.

Every college apart of the YAL is considered a chapter in the every growing organization. They currently consist of 754 chapters across America.

YAL has internships, fellowships, and jobs available for like-minded individuals. If working in the organization is not right for you, but you still want to be apart you can find out more and contribute to YAL on their website

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