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Recruiting: The Foundation of Sports

A good team is formed on a strong foundation of young talented athletes often brought into an organization through the recruitment process. Considered to be one of the most important aspects of collegiate sports recruiting is often connected to a scholarship.

A community college, such as palomar, can’t offer the same thing as a university, but they can offer them a different kind of experience. Like a contractor, head coaches are in charge of putting together a team, and putting them in the best position to succeed.

With more than 8 million high school athletes in the United States coaches search for the best athletes in their senior year looking to move onto collegiate level sports.

“A college program lives and dies by it’s recruiting!” David Linenberger said. As the head coach of the men’s soccer team coach Linenberger develops and maintains relationships with the local high school coaches. “ Last winter I watched over 20 games all on my own dime.” Linenberger said.

In the case of baseball Coach Ben Adams said, “ We recruit by scouting local high schools and also youth tournaments and showcases.”

Unlike a big university the coaches at palomar are left to do a majority of the leg work themselves. One way Palomar helps coaches find players is an interest form found on the athletic websites.

Depending on the sport most coaches to look to bring in about 20-30 players each season. “ I contacted over 50 players, had 20 commit to coming with 14 showing up. It is a great deal of work, but it has to be done.”Linenberger said.

Because of the high turnover rate Palomar has, only a handful of athletes return each season. In the case of men’s soccer only 3 players returned. “ Of the 26 players on our roster 14 were recruited and 9 were walk-ons.” Linenberger said.

The recruiting process is not one to be taken lightly. Athletic Director Scott Cathcart said, “ It is the life-blood of our intercollegiate athletic program.”

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