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Marvel’s Spider-Man swings his way into gamer’s hearts

Story by Gerald Ligeralde.

With great power comes great responsibility. In this case the brand name “Spider-Man” is the “power” and Insomniac Games handled it with great responsibility.

Insomniac Games has a reputation for making fun, wacky, and unique games such as Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive. Marvel’s Spider-Man integrates many core ideals from Insomniac’s previous titles yet adds many delightful twists and fun surprises to our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s recent adventure.

Within the first 30 minutes Insomniac introduces the basic mechanics of the game that may present a steep learning curve at first but gradually begin to sink in as you get comfortable with the controls.

Web slinging is the most basic yet important skill that you learn throughout the game and having a deep understanding of the mechanics will really help you in the long run.

Whether you’re running up the Empire State Building at full speed, casually swinging from skyscraper to skyscraper, leaping off buildings, or lunging off lampposts through the crowded streets of New York, the web slinging controls are fast, fluid, and responsive, making you feel like Spider-Man with every swing.

Combat is also quick, reactive, and focused with an array of different combos and abilities at your disposal.

Acrobatic punches, kicks, and flips, in combination with the many unique gadgets, suits, and skills makes thousands of unique combinations for Spider-Man to pummel his enemies.

Spider-Man and his array of gadgets such as his basic web shooters all the way down way to the more advanced gadgets such as the suspension matrix provide many different ways of tackling missions and fights accordingly.

One joyous aspect of the game that can’t be overstated is the concrete jungle gym playground that is, New York City. It’s a living, breathing character in its own right, with hundreds of small details scattered throughout the city.

The city itself is well detailed with iconic landmarks, realistic shops, towering skyscrapers, and hundreds of people littered all around the city. The game does feature a day and night cycle showing off the city with its beautiful night lit streets of time square and its gorgeous sunsets overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge.

Speaking of missions, whether you’re in Harlem stopping thugs, Central Park helping civilians, or the Greenwhich district for your part-time job there is so much to do while you’re swinging around. With hundreds of collectibles to find, dozens of pictures to take, and numerous mini games and side missions to play.

We can’t talk about Spider-Man without talking about Peter Parker and the overall narrative of this established universe. Unlike past Spider-Man games, and even Spider-Man movies, this game is not an origin story. The game begins with an adult Peter Parker already having the experience and knowledge of being Spider-Man for years.

Peter Parker is still his same old nerdy self from high school; however, he’s graduated college and is living on his own trying to make ends meet. Many of the core cast is also already established such as Mary Jane Watson and Aunt May along with other nice surprises which will remain unspoiled.

Peter Parker’s interactions with Mary Jane are genuine and funny, the dynamic between them is personal which creates awkward yet relatable moments throughout the 20 hour campaign.

Along with Peter’s friends there are also Spider-Man’s foes, and Insomniac was very clever to integrate many iconic villains within the game. Which will once again, be kept secret for the sake of spoilers.

Overall the main story is is nothing short of amazing. Sharing with the player Peter Parker’s triumphs, frustrations, and sadness.

If you had the opportunity to watch Spider-Man or be Spider-Man which would you choose?

If you chose the latter then Insomniac Games’ Marvel Spider-Man gives you that opportunity and then some. Staying true to its comic book roots yet branching off in its own unique story, Marvel’s Spider-Man lives up to expectations providing a fun experience to watch and an even greater experience to play delivering the best superhero game this year and a new gold standard for Insomniac Games for years to come.


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