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San Diego Music Awards a tribute to old and new artists

The 2018 San Diego Music Awards rocked the House of Blues with genre’s as diverse as the people of San Diego. Local rock band P.O.D headlined the show that featured Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop Folk and Pop bands dropping their latest hits.

“Its dope, its a real good crowd tonight, like, they had a good vibe” said Parker Edison, a rapper of the trio Parker Meridian and nominee for Artist of the Year 2018.

The event featured reunions and tributes to San Diego Music legends like The Paladins and The Beat Farmers (now called The Farmers). Thomas Yearsley, bass player for The Paladins accepted a lifetime achievement award for the band that pioneered the Rockabilly craze of the 1980’s. Yearsley and the Paladins have toured the world and opened for Stevie Ray Vaughn among others.

Left) Rebecca Jade and (right) Whitney Shay -photo by Gale force productions
Left) Rebecca Jade and (right) Whitney Shay -photo by Gale force productions

Yearsley was also there to support his son Evan Yearsley, drummer for the Casey Hensley Band that were nominated for 2018 Artist of the Year.

“Yeah it was awesome! Its very great seeing The Paladins getting the lifetime achievement award. They definitely deserve, it they work hard,” said Evan Yearsley.

Thomas Yearsley also gave a shout out to his late wife and legendary local Blues woman Candye Kane that had won several San Diego and National Music Awards. Kane was also Evan’s mother.

“Yeah it was like a family night for us, and yeah the second he said her name I just started tearing up. Sometimes it just gets me, it was super sweet,” said Casey Hensley, lead singer for the band.

Also taking home awards for Best Jazz album was local artist Rebecca Jade. Collaborating with local legends like Peter Sprague, the album revisits the classic songs of Cole Porter.

“The idea was a Cole Porter Tribute that we decided to actually record, so it was beautiful to see that idea come to fruition.” Rebecca’s versatility is growing after releasing her debut neo-soul album in 2011, then winning in 2015 for Best Blues album and now a tribute to a music legend.“It was beautiful music back then it’s an honor to keep the tradition going, andI’m grateful to be able to tag along and interject myself into this among such

Thomas Yearsley (right) from The Paladins and Diane Gonzales (mother of Lead guitarist from The Paladins David Gonzales
Thomas Yearsley (right) from The Paladins and Diane Gonzales (mother of Lead guitarist from The Paladins David Gonzales

great people and great musicians.”

The music flowed all night from the cinematic funk-jazz of Surefire Soul ensemble to Folk-Rock up. While P.O.D. debuted new songs and classics like “Youth of the Nation” the crowd grooved and embraced the many styles and levels of the San Diego music experience.

It’s really an amazing community because so many people are able to make a living in so many different genres,” said Whitney Shay, 2018 winner of Best Blues album, adding, “we have such a diverse community in so many different scenes and we get to come together for this great event and it’s always a blast.”

Stanz The Six9teener nominee for Best Hip-hop/Rap Album explained how the San Diego Music Awards motivates artists to grow. “For sure your vulnerable bro, your putting your heart out there and its nice to receive feedback and recognition”.

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