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Pie vs. Cake: Pro Pie

If I was given a choice to take home a thousand different kinds of cake to enjoy over the night for myself or a piece of some sweet pecan pie, I would most definitely choose the latter.

Objectively, pies are just way better than what a cake could ever be. Why eat a piece of bread with some frosting on top when you can enjoy a dessert built for winners? To start off, people who usually eat cake ends up feeling bad for themselves right after feeling “fat,” while pie eaters feel satisfied right after. Also, the crusty deliciousness that makes up the whole entire body of a pie beats the boring frosting on the cake out of the pan, I mean seriously, that’s the only thing that a cake is good for, might as well just buy some whip cream and pretend it’s the same thing.

Darcy Lenz, a writer for, wrote in an article titled, 14 Reasons Why Pie is Better Than Cake stated, “Pie is dynamic. Cake is not nearly as dynamic. You can have flaky crusts or crumbly crumb crusts. You can have gooey fruit fillings or silky cream fillings or rich, dense custard fillings.

You can have bright fresh berry toppings, or fluffy whipped toppings, or salty-sweet crumb toppings, or combinations of all the toppings!” In terms of satisfying your own taste buds, it’s only ideal to be adventurous and try out new things not some generic glorified stacked up piece of dry bread.

Eating pie is basically like tasting your grandmother’s love. You know you’re always in for a treat no matter what kind of pie it is. The amount of effort put into this piece of perfection is something that should be appreciated by everyone, if it was up to me, I would even go as far as saying that making pie should be one of the most American things that we do, the diversity, the sweet taste and the stable foundation created solely by hard work that makes up a pie is so comparable to what makes our nation great.

Pecan pie. Taylor Hardey / The Telescope
Pecan pie. Taylor Hardey / The Telescope

Another reason why pie is better is that it encourages sharing. With its circular shape, a pie can be cut into even pieces and be passed around to an even amount of people who would enjoy the pie’s glory equally.

For a cake, usually someone would just sneakily steal the flowers aesthetically placed on the edges, and someone would just go for that sweet spot in the middle where the letters are written. This in turn discourages sharing and forces people to monopolize their cakepieces until friendships are destroyed.

Allie At, from, illustrated in her article Cake versus Pie: A Scientific Approach, That eating too much cake will most likely lead to diabetes in contrast to eating pie.

She also implied that an average amount of cakes that an individual could consume in terms of enjoyment is at maximum of three, whereas a pie could be enjoyed tirelessly no matter how much you eat.

In most aspects, pies are just so much better than cake. You can eat pie in most occasions, while cake is only necessary on birthdays or weddings or other expensive events that will just hurt your bank account. All in all, just like what Lenz said, “You eat pie because you want a real dessert (or breakfast/lunch/dinner). You eat cake because it happens to be there.”

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  • opinion_cakevspie_Hardey7: The Telescope Newspaper | All Rights Reserved
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