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California Promise

SAN MARCOS – Incoming Palomar students will receive additional funding through Assembly Bill 19 (AB-19), known as the California Promise, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in October 2017. This legislation provides free first year tuition at community colleges across the state to eligible applicants. However, Palomar College already has its own version of this program.

Palomar Promise, a pre-existing program funded by the Palomar Foundation established prior to AB-19, already provides one free year of course enrollment for graduating high school seniors in eligible K-12 within Palomar’s school district. as well as other resources for affordable higher education.

Palomar plans to continue their Promise program in conjunction with AB-19. “We don’t exactly know what the funding is going to be and we won’t know what that funding is until the budgets are signed in May. But the Palomar Promise isn’t going anywhere,” states Laura Gropen, Palomar Director, Public Affairs. “There is talk of adding an additional free year of community college for eligible students.”

For more information, contact the Palomar Foundation at (760) 744-1150 x2366 or visit – Brooke Reotutar

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