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ASG makes decision on police cameras

SAN MARCOS– Palomar College’s student government sent back a request to fund cameras proposed on the center of campus. Members said they will not fund any student money for this request as it is not a priority for students.

At the meeting earlier this month for the Associate Student Government (ASG), the agenda item regarding police cameras in the SU-Quad was returned to the board for review.

After approximately 20 minutes of discussion the ASG board came to the unanimous decision that it does not wish to fund the police cameras in and around the SU-Quad out of the student fund 71.

The reasoning behind the decision was because of the point the ASG vice president Amber Bancroft brought up during the discussion, which was that it would set a potentially bad precedent that the ASG should be funding items for security purposes for students, which is the responsibility of the college.

After the determination was made the ASG board again unanimously decided to return the item back to Palomar Police Chief Chris Moore who originally brought the item to the ASG board for consideration.

They are sending it back to Moore with the recommendation to search elsewhere for the $23,000 required to fund the buying and placing of the cameras, with the blessing of the ASG board.

The purpose of returning it to the police chief after several weeks of deliberation is because the plan to put cameras in and around the SU-Quad area deviates from the original proposal, which was to place cameras within the cafeteria itself.

A location that is under the control of students and therefore the ASG has direct influence in all decisions made that would affect the inside of the building, as opposed to the area in and around the SU-Quad, the responsibility for the upkeep of which is up to the college as a whole.

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