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The Telescope rejects the KKK’s hateful rhetoric

The Telescope staff has received a letter from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) stating their claims of mainly advocating for peace and condemnation of violence through their motives of segregation. And although the letter was sent to us by accident, we have decided to take this opportunity to address the heinous beliefs still held by some Americans.

The letter explained how the group does not mean any harm to anyone but are just following the teachings of the Bible and “only wish to keep the white race pure as God intended for his chosen people.”

The letter then follows through with their claim that “loud mouth” literature is the reason why society has a negative perception against them. They also stated that “there will come a time when blacks stop praying for salvation and start praying for bombs of their own,” referring to a novel written by Megan Allen titled “The Slave Players.”

This quote is taken in misinterpretation with the idea that the writer has motives on inciting a race war. From our understanding, this quote is a claim as to in regards to the African-American being wary of having violence committed to their own people without any justice and wish to protect themselves.

The KKK’s vindication does not support their violent actions that their group has been guilty of over centuries of our nation’s history. Despite their attempts of explaining their ideals of bringing peace, it still does not clear them off from what their group represents.

The idea of keeping the white race pure has evolved into a radical hate toward a group of people who does not share the same pigment of color. This itself does not prove any productive means for peace.

Regardless of the KKK’s motives allegedly only being directed toward preserving their southern family heritage, the fact of the matter is, the KKK throughout its history, have played a large role in inhibiting civil rights, being a proponent of segregation and tolerating acts of hate speech, as well as tolerating violence towards minorities.

Although in recent decades, they have attained a certain level of civility, they have retained much of their socially outdated agenda. In addition to the KKK’s ignorant interpretation of history, we take the stance that the letter is libelous in its claim that the white race is superior and is the ordained race of God. Christianity does not promote the superiority of any race in contrast to another.

There is nothing wrong with being proud of what you identify with, but the belief of being superior toward other races does not reflect what being an American is. The United States is a nation inhabited by a myriad of different groups of people that came in different shapes and sizes, each of which should be seen as equal under the law and under God.

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