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Cigs should remain banned from our campus

Smoking is a nasty habit that is unfortunately addictive and smoking areas degrade the overall campus vibe.

Community colleges need to continue their no smoking on campus ban. It poses a risk to the health of people who are exposed to the smoke, even if they are not the ones smoking.

It is hard to understand how millennials have grown up in a time where they know of the dangers of smoking and yet continue to do so.

According to, there are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes, 70 of those being known to cause cancer. With 30 percent of North America alone being smokers that leads to an enormous amount of air pollution each day.

In addition to the environmental consequences, smoking on campus acts as a walking billboard for tobacco companies. About 80 percent of smokers take on the habit before reaching 18 years old. The tobacco industry loves to target youth, presenting pictures of the “ideal” person being happy, successful and confident.

Cigarettes found at Palomar College Non-Smoking area on March 25.
Cigarettes found at Palomar College Non-Smoking area on March 25.

Big tobacco companies are also now more than ever especially marketing in African American communities. The ads in their communities are heavily pushed by slogans and other content that the company finds “intriguing” to young black youth.

There are no good reasons to keep smoking at colleges, the only “benefits” from smoking areas are building a sense of community. A major problem at Palomar is the lack of friendships outside of classrooms. Having designated areas for smoking will create a bond between people because of the daily interaction but it would be inconsiderate to assault others with the aroma of tar.

When students walk to class the last thing they want to do inhale is second hand smoke. Not only does smoke smell awful but it lingers. Imagine having to take a three hour language class being stuck next to someone who smells like an ash tray. The smell is distracting to students as it is obvious when someone comes to class late and smells like a cigarette.

A college campus is not an appropriate place to smoke. Its tacky and it’s inconsiderate of other students.

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