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Campus clubs look to recruit new students for Spring

Palomar College clubs will rush the the SU Quad on Feb. 14-15 to gain students for the new semester.

Club rush is scheduled for the beginning of every semester on campus. The event is a time for student clubs to introduce themselves to new students and recruit members. Participating clubs will set up tables in the SU Quad, where club members will be available to answer questions and give information about their club.

“[Club Rush] is one of the best opportunities for clubs to get new members, show who they are and what they do,” Armando Contreras said, who runs the group that oversees Palomar clubs.

Contreras said that becoming active in the community can offer students many opportunities. “You meet new people with similar interests, cheer up the community, help others, have fun and learn about life every step along the way,” Contreras said.

Sherry Titus, director of Student Affairs, said through email that she believes that student involvement is good for individual growth and that clubs are an avenue for them to do that.

“Research shows that students that are engaged on campus, outside academic setting, with other students, events, programs and specifically club participation increases retention and completion,” Titus said.

Titus said she also believes they can allow students to broaden their focus. “Clubs also offers students a chance to work with faculty advisors in areas where both are passionate about causes, projects, services and a host of ‘greater good’ opportunities.”

At the time this story was written, there were only three clubs reinstated: Active Minds, Philosophical Outsiders, and Latter Day Saints Student Association. According to Contreras, student club involvement has been a problem.

“As ICC chairperson I have seen ICC membership fall,” said Contreras, who added that this was very clear last semester. “We were obligated to change the meeting time since Palomar went on a compressed calendar, and not many persons were able to attend the Friday meetings or events we had.”

Administrative specialist Marilyn Lunde, however, claimed that the level of involvement hasn’t changed much. “Involvement has been level for about the last three years, but the types of clubs have changed,” Lunde said.

Titus said that involvement varies, depending on which students are committed to doing the work.

Students interested in joining clubs can attend club rush from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Feb. 14-15 in the SU Quad. Anyone interested in joining a club can visit the student affairs page of the college website.

Palomar College welcomes new and returning students for the Spring 2017 semester. Johnny Jones/The Telescope
Palomar College welcomes new and returning students for the Spring 2017 semester. Johnny Jones/The Telescope

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