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Drug offenses top campus crime Report

A series of arson offenses committed on the main campus in 2014 attributed to the 32 total crimes recorded at Palomar College during the last few years, according to the 2016 Annual Security Report.

Palomar College’s Campus Police officials tracks campus crime every year with the Clery Report.

The annual report — required of all colleges that use financial aid — contains crime statistics and campus policies and safety procedures.

According to the Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics Statement by campus police, “the statistical information in this report allows members of the campus community to be informed about criminal activity occurring within and immediately surrounding geographical boundaries of the campus and any related buildings owned or operated by the college.”

The report found that there were no reported hate crimes or unfounded crimes between 2013 and 2015 on the main campus and at the Escondido Educational Center.

The statistics chart for the Escondido campus shows all listed offenses occurred in 2015, with that total being four. Two were for liquor law violations, with a burglary offense and drug law violation rounding out the rest.

However, the statistics chart for the main campus shows that more crimes were committed at this location.

There was drop in aggravated assault offenses from 2014 to 2015 by two to one. Burglary offenses however have been consistently committed each year for the past three with two per year.

Drug law violations had doubled within one year on the main campus with 10 reported arrests. There have been 23 drug and liquor law violations within the last three years, with some of those leading to arrests and a significant portion of those violations having occurred just last year.

While a recorder seven arrests for weapon law violations occurred in 2013 and 2014, none have been reported since.

Several pages in the report are dedicated solely to sexual assault and other prohibited acts of conducts such as rape, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking seriously. These preventative measures have shown a low number of them or none at all within the last three years for both campuses.

The security report can be viewed on the campus police’s homepage at

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