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Yoga Tip by Morgan

Morgan Burns showcasing the final one legged king pigeon pose
Morgan Burns showcasing the final one legged king pigeon pose

As college students, we spend many hours sitting, whether that be in class or sitting down to write an essay. This sitting along with the notable obvious mental stress that can come while studying, cultivates stress in our bodies. One great way to relieve this stress is through movement. Movement through yoga is immensely beneficial equally to the stress on body, mind, and soul.

A specific pose, named in Sanskrit, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, or in English, One Legged King Pigeon Pose, specifically targets the back and the groin, two points of our body that tighten while sitting for extended periods of time. This deep hip opener and back bend creates a wonderful experience of opening up these contracted muscles.

To get into the king pigeon, direct the front leg bent into a right angle, sitting directly atop with the back leg positioned straight behind you. To fully extend into this pose, it is welcomed to take the back foot and extend it up, bending with your back toward your uplifted toes. Fully extending in this pose is considered an advanced movement, but beginning to intermediate level yogis can still reap the benefits by staying in the first position with the back leg laid out straight

To reap the full benefits of this bird, hip opening pose, stay in the position for a full minute taking a few deep inhales and exhales.

The results of sitting in the pose are immediately effective in letting go of negative, undesirable energy. It is common for people to store stress, trauma, and anxiety in the hips. Opening up this area of the body is, therefore, both spiritually and palpably rewarding.

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