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Spring Trend Essentials

Trends aren’t a package deal. The great thing about them is that you don’t have to try them all.

Instead, you can curate your own personal style while incorporating new things. Plus, pulling off a new and bold trend is kind of a bragging right. If you wore it first, and even pulled if off in all of its ridiculousness, you deserve some major kudos. Sure, you may look a bit unusual until the trend gets big, but your bravery will surely come back to help your street cred.

In the words of the film, The Devil Wears Prada, the trendy pieces that are having spotlight moments aren’t just the basic “florals for spring.” This year’s spring trends have been a collection of sorts, stemming from inspiration of designers, street style, and influential celebrity style.

\From left: Isabel Marant Spring 2016; Alexander Wang Resort 2016; Proenza Schouler Spring 2016/VogueThe 70s love affair is here to stay throughout the spring and summer months with suede pieces, striped halters, and three quarter sleeved turtlenecks in just about every runway show and retail store. Even though we never thought we would see bell bottom pants again after the fifth grade, the once groovy clothing item is making a strong comeback.

Confessing her love for the 70s inspired attire, student Kathleen Lalap, revealed the difficulties in styling bold flare jeans — but quickly reaffirmed concerns and stylish payoff, by suggesting pairing the jeans off effortlessly with the addition of a chunky heel.

“In this day-and-age I sometimes feel like fashion has already run its course with all types of trends, so now we try to bring back stuff from before and then its like new again,” Lalap said.

The Spanish flare seen from designers like Proenza Schouler and Diane von Furstenberg, makes you dream about the next vacation to be spent basking in the sun. Bold colors, ruffles, deep necklines, off the shoulder shirts, and open backs, flocked the Spring/Summer 2016 runways.

“I have always really said that the shoulders are the most feminine part of the body, so I love off-the-shoulder shirts and really hope that it sticks,” Lalap said.

In terms of street style, the bomber jacket has made its mark into urban wear. Following Louis Vuittons release of the silk Asian inspired print bombers, the traditional 90s wear is edgier than ever.

Western wear is having a major moment in the world of chic. Fringe, neck ties, ankle boots, overalls, and chunky cowboy inspired belts, are being worn by off duty models and even festival-goers. It’s not just with clothing either, the western aesthetic is making its mark in accessories, with jewelry such as bolos and paisley bandanas at almost every music festival.

“The great thing about Western wear,” said student and Free People employee Abby Miller, “is that you can go so many ways with it. Either girly, tomboy, or classic. I think it can be adapted in a way that makes it really fun for everyone to wear.”

Sweet romantic touches such as sheer fabrics, victorian sleeves, and soft floral prints, were seen at Zac Posen and Alexander Mcqueen on long flowy dresses. Gucci certainly mixed up the romantic vibes with a mix of electric punch, making it their own. Flowery neckties, pops of metallic color, and lots of ambitious color layers seemed to be the inspiration behind the season’s looks.

With Southern California weather, athletic and festival wear are sometimes our go to outfits. But being adventurous with your clothing may score you best dressed at the brunch table.


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