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Palomar softball: inching closer to state champions after each win

Palomar’s softball team is starting to look like they’re turning winning into a regular routine.

The Comets have gone 10-1 through the entire month of March and looks as if they aren’t letting up. Players finished their last game of the month on March 30 with another blowout that led the officials to call in the mercy rule and end the game in the fifth inning with a score of 9-0.

Comets softball has just about everything a team could need to win the state championship for the second straight season. They have great pitching, a stellar lineup that hits well with runners in scoring position, above average speed to help them steal bases and good fielding.

If you want to see them play, you can head down to the field and watch their next home game on April 8 against Grossmont College at 3 pm.


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