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ASG meeting 3/2

The Associated Student Government gathered at its weekly Wednesday meeting to discuss events, budget and the presence they have on campus.

Because of their lack of presence, The ASG talked about how students aren’t aware or uninvolved. A push for social media presence and consistency was discussed. ASG hopes to gain more campus attention and get closer to solving the involvement issue.

With the 2016-2017 ASG elections are closing in, an election event is planned for this semester. Assistance on registering to vote for the presidential election will be provided as well as a snack. Members will be there to talk to students and push for awareness.

The ASG entire focus is to serve Palomar students and give a feel of community on campus. For more information and involvement, meetings are every Wednesday of the week at SU-204. The ASG welcomes all students. Visit their website for further information:


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