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The foundation to a flawless face

Whether it is applying a primer, foundation or a concealer, beautyblender literally has you covered.

The Original beautyblender is a popular sponge tool used in the application of face makeup. It’s an excellent substitute for foundation brushes and provides a very natural look while cutting down on application time.

In order to use this type of sponge you must dampen it with water, wring out any excess from it and apply your base or foundation by dabbing. The sponge becomes expandable when in contact with water and the blender’s egg shape design allows for coverage in areas small to large. Using the blender to apply gives an even and thorough coat.

The BeautyBlender is a pricy, small sponge, but don’t be fooled, when used correctly this sponge is a game changer for skin makeup. The sponge absorbing structure takes in water but allows the makeup to sit on the top of the sponge, and therefore, it has a soft feel and blends flawlessly, replacing the visible coarseness a brush leaves on the face.

The blender made an evident difference in application, compared to brushes or cheap alternatives. It gave me full coverage with less product than I originally used and eliminated application time. The Original beautyblender is a must buy for makeup lovers looking for an effective and time saving product. Pick it up at your local Sephora.

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