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Mermaid’s Red Ale

Locally brewed by Coronado Brewing Company, Mermaid’s Red Ale, is an amber ale for sweet tooths and beer lovers alike.

When opened, the beer’s aroma is a sweet malt, giving off the scent of chocolate and pine. Poured in a glass, the appearance is an amber to copper hue with a frothy off-white head and medium carbonation.

At first sip, you can immediately taste the liveliness of the ale. With a 5.70 ABV, the drink goes down smooth and without difficulty. The malt backbone is a combination of sweet and toasty.

This ale packs a flavorful punch, but also has a balance to it. It’s very defined by its mixture of delectable flavors ranging from sweet to savory. The hops feel zesty but are not overpowering the sugary taste, which is, fused with a multitude of flavors, ranging from caramel to toffee, to hoppy citrus.

Mermaid’s Red Ale is an excellent combination of flavors, without being unbalanced or overwhelming. This ale leaves your taste buds with a desirable aftertaste. It is definitely a beer that I recommend, especially those who want an effortless, yet flavorful ale.

You can pick up Mermaid’s Red Ale at the store, or go local and take a trip to the Coronado Brewing Company at 170 Orange Ave, Coronado, 92118.

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