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Gallery: Palomar 11th Annual Thanksgiving Tournament

Palomar men’s basketball team placed second at the Palomar 11th Annual Thanksgiving Tournament at the Dome.  San Bernardino Valley took first place after defeating Palomar in the final game 88-77 on Nov. 29.

Nov. 27  – Palomar vs. Los Angeles Southwest: 75-71

The Comets opened up their home Dome-hosted Thanksgiving tournament with a 75-71 victory over the visiting LA Southwest Cougars. Palomar went into halftime with a 10-point lead, 45-35, and were able to hold off the Cougar onslaught as the minutes ticked off towards the end of regulation.

LA Southwest guard Franklin Sadler had a game-high of 34 points.

Nov. 28  – Palomar vs. Los Angeles Harbor: 58-54

In the following days’ matchup the Seahawks from LA Harbor College battled Palomar close the entire game, going into halftime trailing 30-31. The Comets were able to bolster their defense in the second half, only giving up 24 points, and doing enough to secure themselves advancement into the next tournament round.



Nov. 29  – Palomar vs. San Bernardino Valley : 77-88


In the tournament finale on Sunday, Nov. 29 the Comets were unable to continue their string of wins. Coming up against the San Bernardino Valley Wolverines, who had gotten to the final via victories over Miramar College, 102-89, and Saddleback, 63-60, Palomar was unable to muster enough offense. Four Wolverine players reached double digits.


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