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If you haven’t downloaded Quizlet, get on the hype. With finals drawing in, this app can seriously boost your study habits and skills. No matter the subject, Quizlet has your back.

Made by students, for student use, Quizlet has transformed into a popular study tool for mobile devices. It’s on both the Apple and Android app stores. This free app provides an organized way to store and find flashcards. Once you make an account, you can create setsandr access them.

If you’re short on time, or not a fan of creating flashcards, Quizlet has a straightforward search engine that allows access to student-made sets of flashcards. Just search your course. Whether chapter by chapter cards or exam reviews, with over 13 million user-created sets, you are bound to find a set that matches your studies.

It isn’t a typical flip and study app, Quizlet has a variety of features that stray away from customary flashcards. Once with a set, you can choose from study options such as question and answer, match the term, or randomize. The app will keep track of the progress you make and replay the ones you missed.

Forget about wasting precious labor writing flashcards or study guides when you can have them at the palm of your hand, mess free. Eliminating the use of handmade cards saves precious time for any college student. Quizlet is a must-have, especially with the semester coming to a close.

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