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App of the Week: PSYCH!

The creators of Heads Up! released a new game that’s perfect to play for family game night or to play with your friends at a party. The follow-up game, PSYCH! is an interactive game that includes a mixture of trivia and bluffing.

It was originally released in September, but its latest has drawn more attention to the free iPhone and Android app.

The object of the game is to outwit your friends. Each player makes up false answers to real trivia questions given. Players then pick the ‘real’ answer among their friends’ made-up answers. Players earn points by guessing the right answer, and for every friend they ‘psych!’ into believing that their outrageous answer is the real match.

The app comes with three category decks.

The Word Up deck displays real definitions to unusual words. Each player is given a definition to a word, and it’s up to you to invent a word that suits it.

Is that a Fact? features facts that are hard to believe where players complete the fact with foolish answers that sound believable.

The Movie Bluff category is packed with Hollywood and Bollywood movie titles. Players come up with a short plot for each movie title that they think is convincing enough to be the real plot.

In-app purchases feature a wider selection of categories and the option to eliminate ads from the game.

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