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BillGuard protects your pocketbook

Free (1 financial account)
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I tend to have a bit of a problem managing my money. Unfortunately, the app that my bank provides for money management is about as effective as telling time with a brick. I ended up looking for something to help me both manage my money, and give me a portal into my expense habits.

Enter BillGuard. BillGuard is a finance management app that allows you to sign into all of your personal debit and credit accounts through just one app. BillGuard logs and catalogs all of your personal expenses and, through a beautiful interface, allows you to organize and view your money habits.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who thinks your snack budget is out of control. BillGuard will sort all of those expenses into a special category which will show you where your money is actually being spent. I found out that I was spending over $200 a paycheck just eating out and going on snack runs.

The app can also set budgets and notifies the user if they’re approaching a certain monetary limit. Let’s say I wanted to reduce my snack budget. I could set a budget limit of $100 and BillGuard would notify me when I was nearing my set budget for that expense. The analytics for the app are top notch and worth exploring if you like to know where your money is actually spent.

Users can also view individual expenses. BillGuard will often point out expenses that may be fraudulent or “double charged” so that you can call your bank or your card company and get any erroneous charges reversed.

This app is fantastic if you want to set up a personal finance plan or just see how your paycheck is spent. The app is also free for your first financial account which offers basic features. With a paid account, you gain credit monitoring, multiple accounts, and features like identity protection and credit monitoring. Visit for more details on paid features.


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