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Back To the Future Day

It’s here, We’re finally here, everyone bust out your Toyota Hilux pickup trucks, your brain chips and self-tying Nike’s, the day is upon us.

Back to the Future day, Oct 21 2015 is the day in the movie Back to the Future, in which Marty takes the mythical DeLorean and arrives in the future. Everyone remembers the iconic hoverboard chase scene, but what other predictions did the movie make that actually happened into the future.

Home Energy Reactors are definitely out, not only would they be dangerous, but I don’t imagine any government would be okay with every home being equipped with a potential meltdown device. Some people can’t even boil water properly, it would probably be a mistake to give them a Mr. Fission.

Flying cars are definitely out. If anyone’s sat in LA traffic, imagine that happening right above your house. The sheer chaos of the skies would likely force the extinction of birds and cause millions in property damage alone.

People getting their news from newspapers is on its way out as well. If you’re reading this, you’re probably getting your entertainment on your computer/tablet/phone, kind of proving the point that the movie wasn’t completely accurate. Though you really should pick up a copy for The Telescope on newstands, you can catch all of our news online too!

Digital Binoculars (coincidentally looking like a cell phone) are definitely ‘kind of’ a thing. For those of you who like long range viewing and digital telescopes, we definitely have those, just not in the way that the movie depicted them. The movie didn’t even seem to mention portable devices as it was now.

Regardless, for a movie that came out in 1985, the predictions are more of a look back into the history of the 80’s and the whimsical aspirations of the culture back then. Even Christopher Lloyd has admitted that he couldn’t have predicted how the future would have ended up. ‘Doc’ is a character that he’d love to take up again, but talks of a sequel don’t seem to be in the cards and Michael J Fox’s parkinson’s probably won’t allow him to work on a feature. But who knows what the future holds.

It’s been a fun trip so far hasn’t it? The future is up to us to make of it what we may.


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