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There are ways to fix enrollment

In the last issue of The Telescope, we wrote that there’s little that can be done to improve enrollment numbers.

But we admit that’s not the whole truth.

We understand the fact that fewer students go to school when the economy is good. We can’t change that facet of the situation.

But Palomar could certainly improve in other areas.

Palomar really lacks a sense of community on campus. As a commuter college, most students show up, go to class, and leave before being able to make friends or feel any sense of belonging. This hurts the college’s retention rates.

More classes that let students work together could help that.

On top of that, Palomar really should update its marketing plan.

The course catalog that’s sent out is the only widespread marketing use targeted toward Palomar’s demographics. That’s purely because they send out so many.

With all due respect to the marketing team, running ads in the Pomerado newspapers isn’t the best way of attracting college-aged students.

And all the bus billboards. How effective are they really? Is there any way to gauge how many potential students just glaze over them, like most of us do to the majority of advertisements that we see?

Palomar is losing students, that much is fact. Let’s just hope it doesn’t snowball and potentially affect the students that are left here.

We urge Palomar officials to investigate every avenue of retaining and gaining new students.

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