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Google unveils new android hardware, updates

Google launched a new series of phones and devices on the 29th that are looking to expand the Android property and bring the Google experience closer to home. Two major devices released were the Nexus 5x and the Nexus 6p with updated hardware from their predecessors and new toys like a fingerprint scanner for added security. The Chromecast, Google’s media streaming HDMI device, released back in 2013 received a hardware update as well as new services like Spotify.

Google also released android 6.0 Marshmallow, which has improved upon previous features in the “voice assistant” department and added more personal features to all android devices.

Battery life has always been a concern amongst mobile devices, so Google designed Doze, which allows the device to learn how it’s actually being used and enters a lower power state when it learns your schedule.

Some tech experts are less than impressed with Google’s release schedule, saying that Google is trying to mimic Apple in releasing products near the end of the summer in order to stoke more competition. A move seen by some to be more advantageous to Apple given the sheer number of followers the company has.

Google is looking at rolling out the Marshmallow update in stages over the next few weeks. A full list of which can be found @ Android Pit

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